The Journey Starts With Jakarta

Jakarta City

The Journey Starts With Jakarta

So the journey begins with Jakarta. Which is Indonesia biggest city, and the capital of the nation. At one time in the history it was an Indian settlement port, and back in teh history it was claimed by many Kingdoms such as the:

  • Taurumanegara
  • Sunda
  • Sultanate
  • Dutch
  • Japanese and other Indonesian leaders.

Also known once as Sunda Kelapa, Jacarta, or Jayakarta during the rich history of the place..

Whatever you would like to call it, it can’t be ignored that Indonesia has a great history in South East Asia. And due to its huge population is a key influencer in the region.

And it may come as no surpise that these days there has been even more interest in the place. Especially by the wealthy American, English, Arab, and Indian men. Who come to Indonesia for business, or pleasure.

And you can sometimes see in the many internet forums that the nightlife and travel topics seem to come up pretty often. Many wonder about the best areas, safety, economy, and local social norms. It can be said that the curiosity about the place matches only the amazing hearts of the local Indonesian people.

But Jakarta still remains the business hub of the country, and where most of the happening places are. And we here at mc-indonesia will do our best to bring our visitors with helpful info about the place. And now the infrastructure has gotten much better than before, we can also be satisfied knowing that travel to and from this area is now more conveninet than it ever has been.

And Jakarta should be a place that is explored by man, and we believe it will be even more so in the near future.

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