Jakarta Nightlife: Bars, Nightclubs in 2019

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Jakarta Nightlife: Bars, Nightclubs in 2019

Although the Jakarta nightlife has undergone many changes the past decade, it still remains one of the best party places in all of South East Asia. It used to be so crazy and wild in this city, and after some regulations and changes were made by the local government it started to cool down a bit.

One of the main disappointments was that many bars began closing down, and new ones opened up which catered to a different types of crowd/tourists. So the originally clubbing and party vibes of Jakarta changed in modern times.

In this guide I want to get you familiar with all the nightlife activities, areas, vibes, and tips on the best places to have a drink and party in Jakarta.

Is the Nightlife in Jakarta Expensive in 2019?

In simple terms yes, the cost of partying has gone up big time in this city, and not only in the major clubbing venues, but also in most nightlife activities around the foreign oriented areas.

If you are looking for a fun night out in some of the cities best venues, then prepare to spend some money. Drinks are not cheap. Entrance fees into some of the clubs are the highest in South East Asia, and quite frankly the service is not up to par for what you pay.

It even gets more expensive if you want to pay for women, massages, and other such related naughty activities. The prices can shoot up real fast.

Increase of Foreigners

Another change has been the increase of foreigners in over the past few years. Jakarta has been a magnet for other travelers who visit other cities in nearby Asian countries, and decide to come to visit Jakarta as part of their trip.

There has been a huge influx of foreigners in the major nightlife areas. As you can imagine this has benefits and drawbacks. The good thing is that safety has somewhat got better, and many venues have opened up catering to more foreigners.

Some of the drawbacks are the prices have gone up, and also being a foreigner in Jakarta is not as unique as it once was. You can decide for yourself what you think of that, and if you like the increase of foreigners or not.

Nightlife Areas

There are two main areas that you should focus on:

  • South Jakarta: This is where most of the upscale venues are located, with a focus on most foreigner oriented activies, including the major modern bars, shopping centers and hotels.
  • North Jakarta: Traditionally is where most of the naughty massages, nightclubs, and other related activities was. It is also less trendy, and most people would agree that it offers a more unique or “authentic” Indonesian nightlife experience.

Take not of the following specific areas:

Jalan Jaksa:

Most venues, hotels, and party options will be the cheapest here, yet they offer value for most travelers. So expect the foreigners here to be mostly the ones looking for budget-partying, backpackers, and some locals with a lower budget.

Mega Kuningan:

An excellent to place to party for most foreigners, everything seems to be near each other and you can walk to most venues. It is also popular place where the local Indonesian girls come to party with the single male foreigners and expats. Some popular venues are Jack Sparrows, Flow, Basque.


One the upscale nightlife areas in Jakarta, attracting the wealthier young locals. The Fairgrounds complex is the happening hot spot. Some popular venues are Pallas Lounge, Fable Club, Hard Rock Cafe, Beer Garden.


Many Indo-Chinese like to party here, and has a residential vibe to the. Some popular bars in this neighborhood are Lola, Vibves, and Monty’s

Block M:

Used to be one of the cities best red light districts. The scene here as slowed down somewhat, but there are still girlie bars scattered all over Jalan Faletehan.


Popular among expats, mostly has bars, but also a few popular nightclubs. Some noteworthy ones are Queen’ Head, Murphy’s, 999, Nu China


Located in North Jakarta, it is also one of the well known red light areas. There are nightclubs with working girls, and also massage parlours.

Pantai Indah Kapuk:

Mostly popular among the Indo-Chinese crowd, especially the wealthier ones. There is an area full or restaurant and bars worth checking out, if you like that type of vibe.

Melawai/Grand Wijaya:

A well known red light area frequented mostly by Koreans, and Japanese single men. Has many KTV’s and massage parlors.

Bars in Jakarta

There is a huge amount of bars in Jakarta, and they all have a unique vibe about them. So you can be sure to always find a great bar to have a few drinks in. If you strictly want the most trendy ones, then take look at the following:

  • Jack Sparrows
  • Basque
  • The Dutch
  • Lucy in the Sky
  • Union
  • Monty’s
  • Bluegrass
  • Cork and Screw

If you are young single male, and want to party in venues to meet local Indonesian girls then check out the following:

  • Social House
  • Basque
  • Eastern Promise
  • Bluegrass
  • BATS, 36, CJ’s, My Bar (all are freelancer bars…working girls)

Nightclubs in Jakarta

The city also is home to some of the best clubs in all of South East Asia. Here is some great places to check out:

  • Empirica – EDM
  • Domain – EDM
  • Jenja – Techno
  • Dragon Fly – Mixed, Top 40
  • Immigrant – Mixed, Top 40
  • Blowfish – Mixed. Top 40

if you are single male and looking for nightclubs with freelancers and working girls then check out the following:

  • 108 Club
  • Malioboro
  • Colosseum
  • Classic
  • Sumo
  • Kings Cross
  • B’Fashion
  • Cherry
  • Mars
  • Tease Club

Some Great Tips

Keep in mind that most of the venues will be busier from Thursday to Saturday, especially in the South. In North Jakarta it is more consistent throughout the entire week.

If you are planning to visit one of the nightclubs it is highly recommended to get some bottle service. This is especially true if you are a group of males. You will get better service, and it is a grea way to pick up girls and get them to join you are your table.

Remember to stay safe, Jakarta does have a slight danger factor to it. Especially if you are a single and on your own. Be careful of local guys inviting you places or trying to sell you drugs in the in the clubs.

Have an open mind, and come with a good social attitude. The Jakarta nightlife is really fun, and can be a great experience. Don’t let the recent changes stop you from enjoying this amazing city in Indonesia.

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